2018.08.13  David Jaehning will be teaching a design studio at UC Berkeley’s CED.

2018.07.06  The studio was commissioned for a new private residence in Moss Beach, California.

2018.05.05  "Of Blends and Voids" was published in the Work issue of Room One Thousand.

2018.04.28  The studio was invited to attend final reviews at the California College of the Arts.

2018.02.02  The House for Three Generations renovation has begun.

2018.01.03  David Jaehning will be teaching a lecture course on introduction to construction, and an advanced graduate studio this spring at UC Berkeley's CED.

2017.10.16  Our planning application for Amsterdam Café was submitted today.

2017.10.02  The studio was commissioned to design a craft beer bar in San Francisco.

2017.09.01  Design has begun for the renovation of a private residence in West Portal.

2017.08.09  David Jaehning will be joining the architecture faculty this fall at UC Berkeley's CED, teaching a design studio.